From architectural visualization to real estate marketing

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Our aim is to bring your vision and drawings into life. We will establish a visual that tells stories and evokes emotions in the viewer. We will shape ideas and guide them to potential customers.

What is Vunk?


Our youthful and creative team VUNK is made up of architects and graphic designers. Such a combination helps us delve deep into each project, unravel the specific meaning and place of the building in urban atmosphere. It’s not just pretty pictures and graphical design we create; we create a visual that tells stories and delivers results.


Our aim is to help our customers become successful and fulfil their vision. We are a small team, but we can solve extensive tasks. We approach all projects individually and involve the customer in the design process in order to deliver the best possible outcome. We have reached our goal when our skills have contributed to the success of our customer.


We are focused on finding solutions and open to new challenges because we believe that this is the driving force that helps us learn and evolve. We have and show utmost respect for our customers, partners and team, and we only give out promises we can fulfil.